Candy Twist (Hair T-Shirt Towel)


  • Image of Candy Twist (Hair T-Shirt Towel)
  • Image of Candy Twist (Hair T-Shirt Towel)

Our BonBons Cheveux Boutique items are handmade. Available in limited supplies. Handmade in America.

Help fight hair frizz with our new Candy Twist Hair T-Shirt Towels. Dry your hair more quickly and smooth your strands. The smoothness of our T-shirt material causes less friction when drying your hair, and therefore less frizziness & breakage. This works especially well for curly-haired girls, because the Candy Twist Hair T-Shirt Towel won’t mess up your natural curl pattern like a regular towel does. Even squeeze-drying your hair with a regular towel can make your hair rough and cause breakage. This is a great product for those who love the T-Shirt method.

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